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Effective Home Remedies for Fast Teeth Whitening and Yellow Teeth Removal

Introduction: A bright and confident smile can greatly enhance your overall appearance. If you're looking to whiten y...

7 Things For Whiter Teeth Before Your Wedding Day

Introduction Lights! Camera! Action!  Everybody wants to look their best on the BIG day.  We all know that on that da...

Why Whiter Teeth May Improve Your Social Life

Introduction Surprise!  Humans are very social creatures.  Although the Covid pandemic has made many of us re-think o...

Should We Stop Using Fluoride? Is it that bad for you?

“Fluoride is bad!”  “We must stop using it!”  “Xylitol is much better for you.” “Hydroxyapatite has saved my life.” H...

Why Toothpaste Is Something of the Past

Ever wonder why the only option we had to brush our teeth was toothpaste?  I always wondered if there was a way we co...
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