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Mouthwash Dispenser Installation Guide

Welcome to the installation guide for your Automatic Mouthwash Dispenser. Follow these simple steps to mount it securely on your wall.

Step 1: Remove the mounting bracket from the dispenser by unscrewing the two screws located at the back. Remember to save one of the screws for later.

Step 2: Using the mounting bracket as a guide, mark four drilling locations on the wall where you want to install the dispenser.

Step 3: Carefully drill holes at the marked locations and insert the provided drywall anchors.

Step 4: Take the mounting tape and attach it to the back of the bracket, then align it with the drywall anchors. Securely mount the bracket using the provided screws.

Step 5: Slide the dispenser onto the bracket, ensuring it locks in place securely.

Step 6: Now, let's secure the unit to the mounting bracket. Insert the saved screw into the hole on the left side of the cup dispenser near the middle.

Step 7: Prepare your mouthwash bottle by opening it and flipping it upside down. Insert it into the valve kit, firmly pushing the bottle neck into place. Be careful not to spill any liquid and clean up any spills if necessary.

Step 8: Load a sleeve of cups into the dispenser, making sure the bottom of the cup goes in first. If any cups are damaged during shipping, reshape them to their original form before inserting them.

Step 9: Open the battery case and ensure four batteries are correctly loaded. Remove the plastic cover from the batteries.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed your Automatic Mouthwash Dispenser. Enjoy a fresh and convenient oral care experience every time.

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