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Modern Oral Care

Innovative oral care products with clean dental-grade ingredients. Work on improving your oral health or maintaining a beautiful smile the modern way.


Straight forward instructions for optimal results.

Safe for Sensitive Teeth

All products are made for sensitive teeth and is enamel safe.

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Free shipping for orders in the USA over $25.

Made in the USA

Our dental grade whitening gel and toothpaste bits are made in the USA.

How is Sol different?

Unlike many of our competitors, our dental grade whitening gel is made in the USA to ensure quality. Every single whitening pen is refrigerated properly to maximize its whitening effectiveness for every order.

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"I'm always skeptical about whitening at home since most of my friends used the whitening strips which didn’t work. Using this gave me 1-2 shades of whiter teeth which I’m happy about."

— Scarlet N.

30 day smile guarantee

We are so confident that our products will make you love your smile! If our products don't give you the smile you were looking for after 30 days, you get your money back.

Eco-friendly toothpaste bits

Preserve your teeth and our planet at the same time. Simply chew on one bit and brush with a wet toothbrush like how you would with traditional toothpaste.

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