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7 Things For Whiter Teeth Before Your Wedding Day

7 Things For Whiter Teeth Before Your Wedding Day


Lights! Camera! Action!  Everybody wants to look their best on the BIG day.  We all know that on that day, you are the celebrity.  It’s all about you and your partner!  

So why is a killer smile so important on your wedding day?  Because everybody is watching.  You’ll want to make sure your teeth can shine just as bright as you are.  So before you look back at all the pretty photos of you with all of your “peeps”, loving, laughing, and smiling at one another, here are some things to keep in mind if you want whiter teeth.

7. Brush Brush Brush!

According to a study conducted by Delta Dental in 2019, about 31% of Americans only brush their teeth once or less a day.   That is alarming…

Sometimes, the simplest method can be the best way to achieve a brighter smile.  We all seem to know the golden rule:  Brush your teeth twice a day.  But did you know there is no harm and possibly benefits for brushing your teeth more than two times per day?  As long as you’re not applying too much pressure and using proper brushing techniques, you will do yourself no harm!  So get in the habit of brushing and your teeth will be thanking you (and maybe your partner too).

6. Choosing Higher Quality Foods

Unfortunately, this one can be a bit tough for some because not everyone has access to higher quality foods.  But when you’re trying to look your best, incorporating a diet rich in nutritious foods especially vegetables, can help fight those bacterias that form in your mouth and reduce plaque!  Processed foods or foods heavy on the sugar side tend to damage your teeth.  When your teeth start forming cavities, they tend to leave a stain or even a black mark.  So whether you are running on that thread mill, or writing more things down on that Wedding Planner, don’t forget to eat more whole foods on the way.

A healthy diet goes a long way!

5. Smoking Habits

Another really hard one but it’s still the truth!  When it comes to staining, smoking is one of the worst things you can do.  Some people have seen their teeth become naturally whiter after they quit.  We understand this can be a difficult thing, but if you really want your teeth to shine, think about stopping and continue maintaining good teeth cleaning habits.  You might see your teeth naturally turn whiter over time!

4. Avoiding Foods and Drinks That Adds More Stain!

Sugary food and drinks have always been attributed with more stains and cavities but did you know the big culprits of stain are coffee, tea, and wine?  These common liquids can be difficult to avoid and are sometimes a part of our diet (I mean who doesn’t need a cup of coffee to start the day or a nice glass of pinot to end it). 

This doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy things in moderation.  Little things like rinsing your mouth with water after eating a meal or drinking stainful beverages can do wonders!  Try to avoid habitually eating candy as they will stick to your teeth and weaken the protection you need to fight off stains.

3. Try out Whitening Toothpaste

A proper toothpaste with the right toothbrush can scrub away the surface stains.  But by incorporating a Whitening Toothpaste, you might be able to deep clean your teeth to a degree.  Some whitening toothpaste contain small levels of bleaching agents that slowly and gradually lift some of the stains off your teeth.  Other whitening toothpastes have some abrasive properties that act like lightly “sanding” down the enamels of the teeth.  No matter what you decide to go with, please follow all directions on the packages carefully.  

Failure to follow these instructions may lead to sensitivity or damage to the protective layers of your teeth.

2. DIY Home Remedies

With social media exploding with information, trying some At-Home remedies might do the trick!  Although not all of it works, and results may vary, it’s worth trying especially if you’re on a budget.  Here are a list of things that some people have tried and worked for them:

  • Oil pulling
  • Baking Soda
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Hydrogen peroxide solution

Please do your own extensive research before trying anything and 

1. Faster Results: Teeth Whitening Kit!

All the solutions listed above can play a huge impact before your big day.  But what if you need something much more immediate.  The Sol Teeth Whitening kit can do wonders in a short amount of time.  Not only that, it is a lot more affordable than its competitors for how white your teeth can get!  The Sol Turbo Pen has this strong formula that works instantly and helped me see great results in as little as 3 days.  For most people who want their teeth even whiter, you can safely use the product for up to 14 days.  What’s great about it is most people who have used it have stated they did not feel any sensitivity during the whole process.

Of course that does not mean there aren’t any risks.  For those who did report sensitivity, the kit does include a Sol Remineralizing Gel that helps with alleviating the issues.  The kit does include 2 additional Sol whitening gels that help maintain the whiteness for longer periods, especially for those who want to keep them pearly whites for as long as you can.  So if you’re like me and most people who have an important event coming up, and need something fast, you’ve got to give it a shot.  Having whiter teeth should not be expensive and difficult! 
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