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All-Natural Teeth Whitening Kit

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Indulge in the Sol Professional Teeth Whitening Kit for an extraordinary teeth whitening experience. Crafted with a blend of advanced whitening pens enriched with carbamide peroxide, this kit effectively erases stubborn stains and delivers a luminous, confident smile. Unlike messy whitener trays, the precise application of the whitener pens ensures an even distribution of the gel for a seamless, pearly-white result.

Moreover, this opulent kit offers a remineralizing pen, which infuses your teeth with essential minerals to promote optimal oral health and protection against future stains. Elevate your oral care routine to new heights with the Sol Professional Teeth Whitening Kit and indulge in a dazzling smile that radiates happiness and beauty.

What's Included

The Sol Professional Teeth Whitening Kit Includes:

  • (1) Turbo Whitening Pen
  • (2) Teeth Whitening Pen
  • (1) Remineralizing Pen
  • (1) LED Mouthpiece
  • (1) Mouthpiece Case
  • (1) Shade Guide


  • Dental grade - Professional high-quality ingredients used for optimal results. Get pearly white teeth using the best whitening gel made in the USA.
  • Safe to use - Enamel safe and made for sensitive teeth. Apply gel accurately and evenly with whitening pens.
  • Easy-to-use - Whiten for 10 minutes a day with a few simple steps. Brush and floss your teeth, dry your teeth, apply teeth whitening gel, turn on LED mouthpiece. Rinse with warm water when you're finished!
  • Remove stains - Say goodbye to stains from coffee, wine, tea and more! Our turbo whitening pen is made to eliminate the toughest stains.
  • Deluxe bundle - The Sol whitening kit includes: (1) LED mouthpiece with traveling case, (1) Turbo whitening pen, (2) Whitening pen, (1) Remineralizing pen. Get up to 50 professional high-quality whitening sessions.
  • Vegan - all-natural - non-gmo - gluten free - cruelty free

Long lasting results

At-home teeth whitening is a convenient and effective way to achieve a brighter smile, but it's crucial to maintain the results you've achieved. With our Professional Teeth Whitening Kit, you'll not only erase tough stains with our Turbo Whitening Pen, but also keep your teeth looking their best with our Whitening Pen. Additionally, our kit comes with a Remineralizing Pen, which will not only protect your teeth from future stains but also help restore essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy smile.

Professional teeth whitening kit

Discover the difference when you use a professional teeth whitening kit. Transform your smile with our dental-grade teeth whitening formula, designed for professional results. With our LED mouthpiece, featuring a built-in 10 minute timer, you can safely and effectively accelerate your whitening process, so you'll know exactly when you're finished. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a brighter, more confident smile.

Transform your smile with our professional-grade teeth whitening kit. Experience the stunning difference and get the gorgeous, radiant smile you've always wanted.

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