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Why Toothpaste Is Something of the Past

Why Toothpaste Is Something of the Past

Ever wonder why the only option we had to brush our teeth was toothpaste?  I always wondered if there was a way we could move on from the “tube”.  The origin of toothpaste in a tube actually can be credited to Dr. Washington Sheffield whose son actually gave him that idea! But this all started in 1892 and one would think after 100 years we can come up with a better way to brush our teeth.  

Toothpaste bits have taken the world by storm.  In the past, we would have to squeeze out a pea size amount onto our toothbrush, wet it and start brushing.  Let’s be honest here, most of us did not use the accurate amount of toothpaste, leading to a tremendous amount of waste and inefficiency.  With the toothpaste bits, the perfect amount is utilized each time with no extra waste.  The concept regardless of brand is to take one tab, bite down and chew it into small pieces, wet your toothbrush and begin cleaning away!  I found that it was most convenient to never have to think about measuring the right amount ever again.  It has been a life-saver especially when I had to travel for work or vacation.  No longer do we have to run to our closest convenience store and buy those travel size toothpaste tubes.  I just keep my bits in a glass jar in my bathroom and throw it into my bag whenever I need to go. Say hello to the 21st century way of cleaning teeth.

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